Chocolate Covered Everything was founded by April Landes when she was only nine years old. April was taught how to make chocolate covered strawberries at an after school event and she has been making them, and other desserts, ever since. From that day forward, April would always say that she was someday going to open a Chocolate Covered Everything Shop.

Once April grew up, she found that it was difficult to find nutritious snacks without chemicals, that actually tasted good, so she started making her own healthier, all natural treats for when she wanted something sweet. She began with health clusters because she wanted a health bar with protein and fiber that tasted good... or a candy bar that was healthy. Then she started making innards, for those times when you need something extra yummy with even more protein... They're what a peanut butter cup should taste like!
Chocolate Covered Everything is based on April's philosophy that you can eat anything in the world as long as your primary diet is all natural, everything is eaten in moderation, and you exercise. April has always tried to get everyone to eat and live healthier lives — definitely a characteristic she acquired from her granny. What she realized along the way is that you can't change what people want to eat, so it's best to give them what they want and just sneak the "healthy" into it! Therefore, we're always working on ways to sneak the "healthy" into our treats so you can enjoy the yummiest goodies without having to worry about what you're eating.
Before Chocolate Covered Everything, April had a very successful career as a graphic artist — even designing the billboards in Times Square — But something was always missing from her career. Between the economy, some big life changes, and the urging from some pretty great people, April decided it was time to pursue what she had been wanting to do her entire life. Starting a new business by oneself is never an easy task and it can be quite overwhelming, but April always says that her motivation comes from seeing how happy everyone gets when they eat what she makes... And knowing that there's "healthy" hidden in there is even more gratifying!
If you haven't already tried and fallen in love with our products, we hope you try them soon because once you do, you'll question how you lived without them for so long! Okay, well you go exercise so you can eat plenty of our treats... And while you're doing that, we'll be working hard to keep up with demand so you never have to live without your favorite things.
Chocolate Covered Everything is constantly growing and changing, so come back often to find out what happens next!